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December 3, 2017 When to set up the Christmas tree? Posted In: Blog


Christmas treeThe Christian world prepares and adorns a Christmas tree every year on December 8, so that it dawns armed on the 9th to start the celebration of Christmas. What is the origin of this tradition? What does it symbolize?

Formerly a sector of the Celtic society used to venerate a tree on this same date, the celebration of the birth of Frey, the god of sun and fertility. Later, with the evangelization of these peoples by Christians, the festivity was taken by these with modifications that linked it to the birth of Christ.

So, for example, the fact that the tree was used to represent a perennial leaf (which lives all year) represented, later for Christianity, the love of God, life or eternal life. The same way its triangular shape symbolized the Holy Trinity.

On the other hand, the colored balls that adorn the tree today come from the apples. The Christmas tree recalls whose fruits Adan & Eve ate together, in memory of original sin and temptation, according to Christian tradition.

The lights that are placed today were at the time candles, which symbolized the light of the Christ, as well as he considered that the loops represented the union of families and those ones beloved  around the gifts they want to receive.

Other versions also say that the Christmas tree means life, prosperity, planting and harvest. Likewise, it is believed that in Bethlehem they adorned it with something that every holy Christian had in waiting for the good news.

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